What to Consider When Exploring Plant Hire?

Heavy equipment gets usually used in commercial building projects. But there is an increasing number of people who are considering plant hire for non-commercial projects. These diggers are sought after because they save the costs attached to hiring additional manual labour and also get the work done a lot more quickly. If you are a DIYer or homeowner considering hiring heavy equipment for your home renovation project, make sure you consider a few things before zeroing in on a service provider.

Equipment Choices

Diggers are available in different sizes. They are usually classified as micro, mini and large diggers. If you want extreme digging capacity, you’d need the biggest machine. However, be mindful of the fact that bigger machines would have a hard time getting into your limited garden space.

If you need a digger for your garden, a micro digger would be ideal. Weighing around a tonne, these machines usually can dig anywhere between 1.5 to 2 meters. Mini diggers, on the other hand, are slightly larger. They usually weigh around 1.5 tonnes and dig anywhere between 2 to 2.5 meters.

Larger diggers are three to 18-tonne monsters that mean business. They can dig a lot deeper than a mini digger and, thanks to their incredible size, can lift serious amount of weight. These diggers, as mentioned above, are not ideal for house gardens.

With or Without the Operator?

It’s recommended you hire an operator if you have never played with or are not familiar with a digger. With a seasoned operator by your side, you would complete your project quickly and efficiently. If you insist on taking the digger in your own hands, kindly set aside a solid two hours (at least) for you to get familiar with the machine’s technicalities. This route isn’t recommended if time is gold.

Choosing a Firm

When looking for plant hiring services, you must consider multiple factors before zeroing in on a service provider. Learn about the firm’s credibility, experience, and quality of equipment on offer. Look up reviews and past customer feedback. Information pertaining to the speed with which the company responds to plant hire requests would present itself while you do your research.

Probably, the most important aspect when choosing a firm to work with is the quality of equipment they have at their disposal. Kindly note if the equipment you hire runs into issues during service, you could be held responsible for the damage.

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