What is a water meter?

water meterA water meter is a device which is fitted on the pipe through which the water flows. This meter measures the amount of water that is flowing through the pipe at any given point of time. The use of water meters is a step towards the conservation of resources and to do this we must know how much water is consumed. These meters are used for industrial and domestic purposes, and after installation not only you will know the quantity of water consumed but you will also know if there is any leakage in the pipe. If you do not have a water meter you will not get any idea of the water that is being consumed. The approach of fitting water meter is more scientific and gives you an accurate measurement of amount of water consumed.

There are various types of water meters available in the market. Displacement water meters are the ones which are mostly used in residential and small commercial areas. Oscillating piston meters and nutating disk meters are used in this, and moderate flow of water moves the measuring element in direct proportion to the water that passes through the meter. There is a piston or disk which moves the magnet and drives the register. These meters are made of bronze, brass or plastic bodies with internal measuring chambers made of molded plastic and stainless steel.

The next type is the velocity meter as the name suggests. These meters measure the velocity of the water flow. This has a direction conversion ratio with volume – when the velocity is registered in the meter, the volume of consumption is derived from it. Velocity meters are used for commercial use where the consumption of water if very high.

Third in the list is multi jet meters. They are made for residential and small commercial use where absolute accuracy is required even infraction. This type of meter uses multiple ports surrounding an internal chamber to create multi-jets of water against an impeller. Multi-jet meters generally have an internal strainer which protects the ports from getting clogged.