Three Ways to Improve Your Home’s Exterior

Your home’s curb appeal says a lot about its care and condition, whether you mean to or not. Making improvements to the exterior of your house adds value. Buyers will draw conclusions about the inside of your home based on the outside. Here are some simple ways to make your place look more interesting and appealing.

Decked Out

A deck is a great way to improve the look of your home. A good deck adds living space to a backyard or a front yard, which not only elevates appearance, but adds function as well. When you want to dine alfresco or enjoy the great outdoors with loved ones, having a nice deck makes it easy. Some houses have mostly unusable backyard space due to certain geographical features like woods or uneven terrain. Consider adding a porch or elevated deck to introduce furniture and other décor to help beautify a space.

Fixture Replacement

Outdated fixtures really mar the appearance of your residence. Old door handles, rusty fixtures and damaged house address numbers make your home look worn. Make a weekend DIY project out of replacing these fixtures. These upgrades are simple and relatively inexpensive. You might consider making it a family affair.

Going Greener

You can boost curb appeal with easy landscape additions. Adding planter boxes to windows or potted plants to a porch or back deck makes your home look more inviting. These affordable upgrades also spare you from having to wait for the spring to finish these projects. Not only will the new plants and flowers improve the look, but the planting containers themselves also add charm.

These simple upgrades really give you the best bang for your buck, not just in cost, but also in time and effort. They can be DIY projects or you can hire a professional who can do the work in a short period of time and with little disruption to your daily activities. Your home’s appearance says a lot about its condition and you as the owner. These easy projects help you put your best home forward.