The Lake Doctors Offer Next-Gen Lake Weed Control

Natural and man-made lakes are like jewels adorning your property. Like any precious formation, proper upkeep and removal of debris helps your lake stay pristine and fresh year-round. Weeds, which tend to flourish as quickly in water as on land, are a type of natural debris that are of particular concern. Luckily, the seasoned, enthusiastic team at The Lake Doctors boasts a comprehensive system of weed control for lakes.

Reasons Why Weed Control For Lakes is Essential

Weeds are among the most swiftly growing organisms in the plant kingdom. The word “weed” includes an assortment of plant types, such as reeds, aquatic plants, rooted plants and algae. Left unchecked, weeds compete with other species for resources, consuming oxygen, blocking sunlight, slowing water flow and drainage. Lake weeds can also disrupt fishing and even safe foot traffic.

Strains of filamentous algae are especially aggressive, flourishing at speeds of three inches weekly in water that is up to 100 feet deep. The long networks of algae are typically slimy and unsightly, clinging to any and every available surface, including inanimate objects adrift or moored in your lake.

How The Lake Doctors Implement Weed Control for Lakes

The team at The Lake Doctors consists of aquatic biologists. In addition to science degrees, they possess certifications in Pond Management, Public Health, Natural Areas and lake consultation. James L. Williams, the company’s founding biologist, worked with 3M for years testing, evaluating and treating various aquatic weeds and algae species.

The Lake Doctors capitalizes on Williams’ more than 40 years of field experience, combining it with innovative techniques, specialized equipment and premium materials. One technique includes the temporary introduction of a weed-eating carp and/or the use of EPA-approved herbicides and algaecides that do not harm local plants or fish. Results manifest in seven to 10 days, with annual water management program options to explore.

The Lake Doctors also offer free aquatic surveys. The survey involves an inspection, a report and a water management proposal adjusted to your unique lake/pond and landscape constraints or possibilities. Don’t be bothered by lake weeds for one more season. Explore The Lake Doctors’ weed control for lakes today.