Tenant Emergencies Every Property Owner Should Prepare For

If you own an apartment building or complex in Florida, you know that there’s a lot to keep track of on a day-to-day basis. One priority you should always keep at the top of your list, however, is the safety of your tenants. When something unfortunate happens, renters will likely contact you immediately so you can help them resolve the problem. Here are some situations that you should develop plans for.

Lockout Situations

It’s easy to lock a door behind you without using your key. This means that it’s also easy to leave your home without any way to get back in. When a tenant forgets his or her keys, you should have a spare, as well as a way to verify the person actually lives in the unit.

If the key is lost or stolen, it’s wise to invest in Orlando lockout services to get a lock replacement. You never know who might have the key, and you want to have control over who can get in and out of your apartments.


If someone breaks in, you’ll need to have an immediate response prepared. Your renters will probably call the cops on their own but speaking to the police yourself is a good first step. You should also evaluate the security of your building to determine how the break-in happened. If you’re able to take steps to prevent it from happening again, your tenants will feel safer.


Make sure your renters know exactly what to do in case of fire. Each resident should be aware of the closest fire exits, as well as the distinct sound of the fire alarms. Once everyone is safe, you’ll likely need to get in touch with a restoration company to look over your property and bring it back to the way it was before.

As a property owner, you want happy and healthy tenants. When they’re content, they’ll stay for much longer, and they’ll spread the word that you’re a great landlord to rent from.