Renovating Your Home on a Budget

As a homeowner, you want a well-designed house that features comforts specific to your lifestyle. While there are thousands of home improvements or remodeling projects you could choose to do to improve certain aspects of the structure, some are more costly than others. When you want to improve your house in ways that will give you the biggest return on your investment, use these three tips.

1. Outside Landscape

Your yard is one of the most overlooked aspects of your home, and redesigning the flow and look of your yard can have a large impact on the total look of your house. Whether you want to add trees, place lights and walkways, or add a water feature, your yard can be raised to a new elevation with the investment of just a few dollars.

2. Garage Door

The addition of a new garage door may not seem like a huge renovation project, but the change to your home can be a dramatic one. Whether you choose a three panel, five panel with windows, or Genie garage door, you may be surprised at how many options there are. As far as ROI, a garage door can return almost 94 percent on what you invest in the project.

3. Front Door

Like the garage door, the front door can have a large impact on your home’s appearance, with additional curb appeal for small expenditures. There are many types and styles of front door replacements to choose from, but when selecting your front door, remember to choose security over beauty unless you have an outer safety door.

When renovating your home, you don’t have to tear down walls to make a dramatic impact on the look of your house. Make some simple changes to the landscape or freshen up the garage and front door, and your home can take on a whole new look.