Protecting Your Home’s Source of Heat This Winter

A chimney or wood-burning stove can be a valuable resource to have in your home during the winter. It can provide heat if the gas or electricity goes out. It also provides a consistent source of heat without raising your electric or gas bills.

As valuable as your stove or chimney is, it also can pose a risk to your health and safety if it is not maintained properly. By hiring a general contractor, handyman, or chimney sweep washington dc homeowners like you can keep your wood-burning fireplace or chimney in good and safe condition.

Cleaning Out Debris
If you failed to clean out your stove or chimney after last winter, chances are all of the soot, ash, and debris are still in it from last year. Even more, additional debris from birds’ nests, leaves, and other outdoor elements might have made their way into your chimney stack. If you try to light a fire with these elements left in place, you more than likely will spark a blaze that will spread across the hearth and perhaps even into your home.

A professional chimney cleaner can come to your home to remove all of last year’s debris as well as debris that might have gotten in the stack during the summertime. The entire job might only take an hour or two before the chimney or stove is cleaned up and ready to use again.

Thorough Inspection
Another reason you might want to hire these professionals involves having your stove or chimney closely inspected. You may not be able to detect cracks and holes in the stack. You also may not have a way to fix the damages you can see.

The sweep will perform a thorough examination of the stack and fireplace to make sure they are safe to use. If there are damages, he or she will make the needed repairs before signing off on you using the stove or chimney again for the winter. You guarantee your house’s safety and the warmth and comfort of your family with these services.