Preparing Yourself for Hurricane Season

Living in Florida comes with sandy beaches, beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean… and hurricanes. Mentally and physically preparing yourself and your home for these storms may help alleviate the effects of such a catastrophic event. Here are a few things to think about as hurricane season approaches.

Before: Protect Your Home

Prepare both the interior and exterior of your home. Cover all your doors and windows with bolting and plywood or hurricane shutters, trim your trees to minimize projectiles and secure your roof to the frame of your house as much as possible. For the interior, document your belongings and make sure your insurance is up to date. Back up the information both online and off, along with receipts for any big purchase items.

During: Hunker Down or Evacuate

If you are not in an evacuation zone, ensure that you have sufficient drinking water for several weeks. Stock up on canned and dried foods which can be eaten without cooking. Have plastic sheets and blankets at easy access along with soap and medications. If you are in an evacuation zone, turn off the water and electricity before you leave, and bring your important documents and cash with you to cover expenses.

After: Repair any Damage to your roof

Assessing the destruction of a major storm can be overwhelming: don’t be afraid to ask for help. Contact residential roofing contractors in Daytona Beach FL to assist you in taking stock of what needs to be done about damage to your roof and helping you prioritize your plans for moving forward. Your roof protects your home and is one of its most critical components. You may need to repair or replace your roof.

Hurricanes are powerful storms, but with a little preparation you may make the aftermath just a little easier to endure. By anticipating the damage and enlisting the help of seasoned professionals, you can get back to enjoying the beach in no time.