Not A Creature Was Stirring – Hire Toronto Mice Removal This Winter

When the winter weather temperatures start plummeting, creatures of all kinds start to look for a warm place to lay their head. When the great outdoors brings their family and moves into your home, you need professional help and a mice removal company in Toronto can lend you a hand. They should offer a free on-site evaluation and identify what kind of pest problem you are dealing with if you haven’t been able to yourself, for example, determining whether you have mice or rats.

Identifying A Mouse Problem
Mice will leave behind them a trail of leavings that look like small grains, but there are also other signs that point to an issue you can look for. First, you will see gnaw marks on bread bags, cereal boxes, and other sources of food or material that could make for a nest. You may hear clawing, chewing, or scrambling in your ceiling or in the walls as they try to get into the home or travel through spaces between the walls. You will notice that there will be mouse droppings in the kitchen or anywhere close to a food source, but you will also likely see faint grease marks where they squeeze through holes to gain access. If these grease marks are dark, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with bigger rats; either way, you should visit right away to find the most appropriate treatment plan for your home.

Locate the Point of Entry
In Toronto, any house located near a ravine or a woodland is especially prone to rodent infestation, but they can also come from neighbouring houses, especially if you share a party wall. These homes seem to have a harder time controlling an infestation than those in the city, and it’s recommended that you sign up for a 1 year warranty with a company like Power Pest Control that offers them. When dealing with mice control in Toronto, your technician will find and address the entry point to keep them from coming in again. Getting rid of the ones in the home is only half the problem – if the entry holes are smaller than golf balls, a good exterminator should fill them free of charge, but you may need to hire a contractor if the entryways are larger. Locating the point of entry and traffic corridors is an essential element of IPM (Integrated Pest Management), a smarter way to exterminate that’s practiced by industry leaders like Power Pest Control.

Other Pests in the Winter
While most people think of mice coming in during the winter, there are other bugs that also find their way indoors and depend on central heating to survive. For instance, cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, millipedes, centipedes, and spiders love the temperature in your abode. Any good pest control company will look for signs of other insects too and with free, no-obligation quotes, you won’t be in for any surprises. In the summer months, you should also look out for wasps and hornets, fruit flies, and of course, rodents and roaches whose populations explode in the warmth. Whatever the season or whatever the problem, bring in a professional exterminator to eliminate the bugs and rodents bothering your family.