Improve Space Utilization While Building Your New Home

We recently heard about someone who demolished his built-in bookshelves to make room for a living room project he was doing himself. It provided the room the space it needed, but he also discovered a subfloor hidden beneath made of asbestos tiles! He did not budget for the renovation of a subfloor or for the extraction of toxic materials.

More surprises ended up showing themselves. “As we took out the tiles, we noticed we would also need to take out two wall paneling layers to simply be able to access the room’s edges,” mentions the native of Exton, PA. The wall fix led to the necessity of installing fresh drywall and insulation. What began as a simple project ballooned exponenially—much like his expenses.

Nearly half of all homeowners will exceed their budget during a remodeling project, according to statistics from home improvement experts. An even more alarming finding is that just one in five will end up under budget. This is how you can beat the odds, even if you end up hiring general contractors Halifax.

Think about DIY
Is a DIY project actually more cost-effective? Glenna Stone, an interior design and architecture expert, says not necessarily. Amateurs should be cautious, depending on the project they plan to undertake.

You also need to consider hiring and scheduling. Handling a project that involves moving a wall would mean hiring an architect and engineer, not to mention managing permit requirements. Using general contractor would allow you to easily find the people who would do the best work for the best price. They would also know the best times to schedule them to avoid any costs associated with wasted time.

A contractor will usually finish the job on the first try. Buying things twice because you made a mistake is never fun. We suggest employing a general contractor for almost all medium to large jobs.

Employ the Best Experts
If you choose to go ahead and hire individual experts by yourself, the best practice is to receive a minimum of three estimates for the services that will be performed.