How To Properly Clean a Restaurant Hood and Exhaust System

Even if you hire someone to maintain and do a deep clean on your restaurant hood and exhaust system, you need to know what to expect from the cleaner. Running a restaurant has many aspects to consider to keep things running smoothly and meet regulations. Knowing how the system should be cleaned can keep you on top of the process.


The frequency you need to inspect and clean your restaurant hood central Florida depends on the volume of cooking done in the kitchen. For low-volume cooking such as senior centers and day camps, an annual inspection and clean may be all that is needed. For solid fuel cooking though, monthly cleaning is necessary to prevent grease buildup within the exhaust system.


Eliminating the grease buildup in the exhaust system is part of the restaurant’s ability to protect against fire. Kitchen cooking appliances are responsible for most restaurant fires. The flames can reach into a dirty exhaust system and spread to the roof. The 1400-degree Fahrenheit flames can quickly spread. Clean the system as part of your risk mitigation strategy.


Most municipalities require restaurants to document when and who inspected and cleaned the exhaust system. The documentation should be properly displayed and current by industry standards. Failing to provide the information could impact your health code compliance. Each inspection should come with a certification and documentation as to what was cleaned, how it was cleaned and who cleaned it.


Essentially, bare metal should show within the system to meet industry standards for clean. Ideally, the system has access doors to allow the entire system to be properly cleaned. Every direction change needs its own access door at the appropriate size to allow enough access to clean. If it’s been a while since the system has been cleaned, more than one clean may be needed.

Knowing what the cleaning company should be doing can allow you to run the restaurant better. It is the job of the owner to ensure the restaurant exhaust system is properly cleaned and maintained.