How to Prepare Your Home for Summer

Summertime brings about barbecuing and pool parties, but before you can host some great events, you need to make sure your house is ready. There are some major things to consider besides just the basic cleaning and pulling out the grill. Before the guests come over, you may want to look at checking some of these items off your list. 

Get Your HVAC System Checked

Having your air conditioning break when it’s nearly one-hundred degrees out is miserable. One of the best ways to keep this from happening is to have an HVAC technician Harris County TX come look at your system and perform regular maintenance on it when it starts to get warm outside. 

Check Your Sprinkler System

If you plan to host some outdoor parties, you probably want your lawn to look nice. Have someone come out and check that your sprinkler system is working properly before the real heat sets in. This can help prevent your yard from drying out in the sun. Make sure you find out what your city’s water regulations are so that you don’t end up getting fined or overwatering during a drought. 

Make a Bug Plan

You may notice an increase in tiny little nuisances during the summer. Ants and mosquitos seem to come out of nowhere, and they can cause some serious problems. If you’ve had issues in the past, you may want to hire a pest control company to help rid your yard and house of bugs. You can also go to your local home improvement store and get some ant traps and bug repellents yourself instead. 

Once these mundane tasks are taken care of, you can begin your summer party planning. You’ll probably still want to clean the house and stock up on paper plates and plasticware, but knowing that you’ve tackled some of the big stuff can help you rest easy.