How To Make The Most Of Your Apartment Space

No matter how tiny your Toronto apartment may seem, nothing beats having your own space. Living in an apartment, though, you have to make every single inch count, which often means populating the space with multi-functional pieces, and paying close attention to efficiency. Below are some tips that will help you make the most of your apartment space.

Command Hooks, Bed Risers And Solid Wood Drawer Beds
With most rented apartments in Toronto, landlords will try and dissuade you from making too many alterations (if any), and may even put something to that effect in the contract. Using command hooks instead of traditional hooks will help you hang things on the wall without necessarily creating any holes, and they’re easily removed when it’s time to move out of the apartment. Command hooks turn any wall into storage – you can hang purses, hats or coats, saving space in your closets for more clothes.

Space created under the bed is also vital for storing things you don’t need regular access to, such as old documents, past invoices, contracts and whatnot. Depending on your bed length, space underneath can get cramped, but bed risers can come in handy when adding several inches to space underneath your bed. Or, for something a little classier, you could get a solid wood bed with drawers built in; there are a lot of good interior design ideas for solid wood furniture out there, and they add depth and class to an apartment.

Building Shelves Into Your Wall
This solution requires several alterations on your wall, which may require approval from your landlord if you are renting the apartment. The process will need some expertise, as it is not as simple as placing command hooks. However, building shelves into your wall adds extra storage for your utensils, household items or clothes, instead of stuffing them in an already overstuffed cabinet. When creating spaces in your apartment, you may need to get creative and innovative. Is there space above your solid wood furniture, such as cabinets? Perhaps your closet has wasted space above the clothes rack –you can add shelves just about anywhere.

This is probably the best tip for maximizing space in your apartment. If you do not need something, you might consider leaving it at your parents’, where space is probably less of an issue, or buying a storage locker, or even selling some stuff online. For example, if your work requires the use of a laptop only, you can use a solid wood coffee table instead of using up space on a desk. Master the art of letting go, and say goodbye to all those clothes, cooking gadgets and bric-a-brac you rarely use.

Set Up Double Duty Solutions
You may set up a room that accommodates more than one task, making sure you have the right furnishings to allow you to conduct both related tasks smoothly and calmly. For example, your living room may double up as a workspace, and may even triple up as a workout space, with the right management of furniture and area.

You shouldn’t have to limit your possibilities just because you live in an apartment – some simple de-cluttering, along with clever uses of space, will ensure that your apartment is a sanctuary and home.