to Build a Concrete Retaining Wall

How to Build a Concrete Retaining Wall to Improve the Landscape

Retaining walls are necessary to maintain the security and privacy of the garden. In the hilly regions or slopy areas, the soils can get washed out easily because of irrigation or rain. Washing away of land can erode your beloved landscape. If the owner doesn’t take any preventive measures to minimize the erosion, he will surely lose his house. A retaining wall traps the garden soils and lets the water pass, and thus, this structure can keep your land conserved. Here, we will discuss with you step by step about how to build a concrete retaining wall.

There are different materials with which the walls can be built, but among all of them, concrete seems to work the best because it is strong and stand firm even during a massive storm. Here, we will help our readers to construct a beautiful concrete retaining wall for their home improvement.

Ways to build a concrete retaining wall:

Remember that building a concrete wall for the garden can be a little harder, but anybody can finish it within three days.

Required tools or equipment to build a concrete retaining wall

  • Circular saw
  • Tape measure
  • Small sledgehammer
  • Brick set
  • Pencil
  • Chalk line
  • Line level
  • Mason’s trowel and blocks
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Story pole
  • Concave jointer


  • 2×4 lumber
  • Mortar
  • Concrete blocks
  • Metal lath


  1. At first, prepare the footing. Lay out that wall and carefully excavate the slope because the right calculation and measurement will make the installation easier for you. Build the footing and add the rebar into the moist/wet concrete at a specific interval based on the core size of the blocks.
  2. To lay another course of those concrete blocks, enter the weep holes into the mortar after placing the third block, and the diameter of the pipe should be approximately 3 or 4 inches. These pipes will drain the water.
  3. After placing the pipe, don’t seal it with the cement. While using the cement, stop occasionally and check it. Don’t use excess mortar in this step.
  4. After setting a minimum of two courses in the trench, spread the landscape fabric material on the land. Place the gravels and rocks to retain the position of the fabric during working. Between the slope and the wall, slowly backfill your retaining wall with the gravels and keep laying the perforated pipe on the bed.
  5. Now, dig more stones and gravels on the top and backfill with more stones. Now fold that landscape fabric material above the gravels and backfill by using soil this time.
  6. At this step, the builder needs to fill the holes of those blocks with cement. Before filling this, make sure that you have reached the desired height of the wall. Now fill the cores with the mortar. Use a trowel to smoothen the top of the blocks and spread if there is any additional cement.

Following this instruction can help a builder to build a simple concrete retaining wall to conserve his landscape. It will increase the beauty of the land and landscape design. We hope that this article will clarify any of the confusion risen by a lot of issues because we have tried to make this construction process as easy as possible. If you like this writing, you may also get pleasure to read about different types of retaining wall.

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