Home After The Storm

When bad weather strikes, the true cost can’t be tallied right away. It will have to be assessed over time and the expenses will come from a variety of sources. 

Home Repairs

The first and most obvious source of repair costs from storm damage are home related. Roofs are particularly susceptible. Lost tiles and damage from wind and falling branches are all factors that can add to costs. Water infiltration below can mean a fortune in basement repairs. Lightning damage can mean ruined electronics and scorch marks, or at the very worst a fire. 

Car Repairs

Falling branches can just as easily strike your car, if you don’t have a garage, and everyone has seen footage of cars being swept away in floods. Hailstorms can leave the body of your car dinged and pockmarked, or your windshield cracked. Don’t forget that driving in storms also increases the likelihood of an accident, and while that may not strictly speaking be damage from a storm, a storm raises the risk of accidents and damage from accidents.

Tree Care

Trees are particularly vulnerable to damage from storms. Wind, hail, ice and lightning can all spell potential death to a tree. And sometimes the damage isn’t apparent right away. A storm can weaken a branch or a trunk, but the branch might not drop for months. That is why it is important to get professionals to assess damage to trees and remove any hazardous branches as soon as possible. 

Remember that while the damage from storms may not be apparent right away, the most important thing is to keep your family safe during the storm. Whether that means sheltering in place or evacuating to a safer location, you must do whatever is necessary to keep yourself and your family safe. Everything else can be repaired or replaced.