Give The Gift Of Tree Maintenance

If you’re having difficulty coming up with the perfect gift this holiday, it’s time to start thinking outside of the box. Instead of the typical gadgets, accessories, or clothing everyone in Edmonton exchanges, why not give them a practical gift they actually need? For the green thumb on your list, think about the gift of tree maintenance.

Though unusual, don’t overlook this present — even if you reserve it for a self-given gift. Maintenance affects the aesthetic, financial, and environmental value of any property, so it’s an important feature of any homeowner’s landscape. The Edmonton tree care experts can help you pick out the perfect service for your loved one. They’ve been specially trained to take on a variety of needs, including basic maintenance, pruning, removal, or stump grinding. Regardless of what your partner or friend needs, they’ll be able to provide professional assistance.

It’s important to stick with those crews who can provide tree care Edmonton homeowners can trust. They need to have the training, experience, and equipment to complete their work, whether it’s a simple consultation or more elaborate removal process. Wrestling with branches in boughs floating multiple metres above the ground can be dangerous for those ill-equipped and ill-experienced.

In order to ensure the assistance you’ve chosen this holiday comes from a place of knowledge and safety, make sure they’re ISA-certified arborists. Standing for International Society of Arboriculture, this accreditation ensures they’ve undergone the appropriate training and insurance necessary to be professional arborists. This certification is only given to those who have experience in all areas of arboriculture, so it’s an easy way to ensure a company is up to the task — whatever it may be.

You can check this certification by looking up any company on the ISA website, or you can speak to the representatives at any company for yourself. Explain your situation. Whether you’re purchasing a consultation for your family member or you’re scheduling regular pruning for your own property, it’s always a good idea to clarify what you expect from your Edmonton arborist. While you talk, you’ll get a better understanding of how a company does business.

Though it’s unusual, the gift of an arborist’s visit is a unique one. It’s also incredibly practical when it comes to those people with large yards dotted with various Elms, Maples, and Pines. It’s a good way to make sure their trees are happy, healthy, and hale at any time of the year — not just the holidays.