Four Tips For Proper Irrigation System Maintenance

There are many different types of outdoor irrigation systems used throughout the Toronto, Ontario area. Some systems are of a higher quality than others and some have specific tasks that they are designed for. Regardless of what system your household or business may have chosen, there will always be one common unifying feature – they will need to have routine maintenance performed in order to function properly year after year. A proper maintenance routine ensures that your irrigation system will run efficiently and properly when the weather warms up again each year.


Check Heads Regularly
Periodically inspect the heads of your sprinkler system to make sure they are working properly and that they are not damaged. If you find that your sprinkler head has broken, contact a professional sprinkler repair company like EZ Lawn Sprinklers to fix the problem before you need them again in the spring. These heads are usually the most common things to break on a sprinkler system because they are exposed to the elements. Whether the weather damages your sprinkler heads or a lawnmower accidentally runs over one and damages it, this can cause a slow leak to occur, which can cost you a lot of money over the course of one season. Heads can be replaced very quickly and affordably with proper irrigation system repairs in Toronto if there does seem to be an issue.

Check Direction
Most sprinkler systems will allow you to position the heads of your unit so that you can direct water where you want it to go. These positions can change over time from everyday use and from wear and tear. Keep an eye on things when the water goes on and adjust the direction accordingly so your flowers, plants and trees are getting water how you intended.

Look For Damp Spots
If you have spots in your yard that look like they are getting watered significantly more than others, or if water is pooling in your yard somewhere, this can indicate that you have a break in the line underground. This will require maintenance from a professional, as the line will have to be dug out and repaired. You will want to address this issue in a timely manner though – you can accumulate a pretty high water bill in a short amount of time with a break, and when the weather becomes too cold, you won’t be able to dig down into the frozen ground.

Winterize Properly
In the Toronto area, we can have pretty extreme winters. It is important to winterize your sprinkler system before the weather turns. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, you can utilize a professional’s services. Basically, the lines of your system need to be flushed out and the water needs to be turned off to prevent water from freezing in the lines and causing breaks.

Regardless the type of sprinkler system that you have, there are simple steps that you should take in order to ensure that water is going where it needs to without any issues. A properly functioning sprinkler system will result in a beautifully and easily maintained landscape that you and your neighbors will enjoy all season long.