Decorating Ideas for a Rustic Kitchen

One of the most appealing features of rustic décor is the visual warmth and coziness it exudes. The kitchen has long been revered as the heart of a home. In most homes the kitchen is a gathering place for family and friends and a room where happy memories are made. There are a lot of ways you can create a rustic style kitchen without forfeiting function and efficiency.

Beauty Meets Function
Including open front cabinets or exposed rustic wood shelves in your kitchen design has a two-fold purpose. The openness gives you an opportunity to showcase vintage dishes and cookware. At the same time, it requires that your cabinets and shelves always be neatly organized. Including antique or reproduction vintage appliances in your kitchen design is an excellent way to create functional rustic charm in your kitchen.

Rustic kitchen lighting overland park has a diverse collection of lighting that can enhance a rustic kitchen décor. You need several light sources in a kitchen in order to increase functionality and create ambiance. Rustic style pendant or chandelier lighting can draw attention to a kitchen island and provide the illumination you need to use the island as a workspace. You can add a complementary style lighting at the sink and stove area. Many rustic kitchens have a wooden table for the family to gather around. Chandelier lighting would be ideal for this area.

The furniture you include in your kitchen design can help create coziness. Wooden chairs or stools for the island, a farmhouse style table, a rustic style island and a few small pieces of rustic furniture can help you achieve the look and feel you desire in a rustic kitchen.

A rustic kitchen decor opens up many opportunities for personalizing the room. Wall art is an excellent way to showcase your interest. Art that includes animals, nature, gardens and general outdoor scenes is ideal in a rustic kitchen. Rugs can make the room feel warm and look cozy. Including a few vintage items can help unify the overall décor.