Cleaning Tips For a Busy NYC Lifestyle

If you live in New York City, odds are that you have a hectic schedule. From commuting to work in the busy city streets to hitting up one of the many bars to keep up with your friends, your day is jam-packed with activities. You don’t have the time to clean your apartment daily. These tips will help make the times that you clean more effective and last longer.

Hire Services

If your schedule is too busy for cleaning and you can afford it, hire a service. New York City offers many different types of cleaning services. If you search “apartment cleaning NYC,” you’ll find maid services that will clean bathrooms, make beds and mop floors. You can also use an app to find someone to organize your apartment or focus on a specific set of tasks that you can assign.

Make Use of Organization Hacks

Living in a New York City apartment can feel like living in a dorm room. You are given a very small space and you might have roommates. However, it doesn’t have to feel like a dorm room. You can create space by thinking vertically opposed to horizontally. Buy tall bookshelves, wire carts and an over the bed rack to store items visibly opposed to tossing them on the floor. Additionally, invest in containers that you can store under furniture to clear clutter.

Restructure Your Space

If you are unable to keep your apartment clean the way it is, consider restructuring the entire space. Place the things you need quick access to while you’re on the go closest to the door. If your dining room table or couch gets in the way while you’re in a rush or is accumulating clutter, consider moving it deeper into your apartment and moving a shelf closer to the door.

Now that you’ve taken the steps to make your apartment more manageable, you can focus more on the things that really matter.