Choose Granite Countertops for Durable Beauty

Granite countertops are a popular upgrade in kitchens and bathrooms. They can be pricey, but they are heat and stain resistant, durable and easy to care for, and this all-natural material comes in many colors to go with any decor.  If you’re thinking, “I want to check out granite countertops near me atlanta,” here are some points to consider when shopping.


Unlike other countertop materials, granite will not stain, and you can set hot items on it without fear of scorching. You will never again have to worry about unsightly black marks or warping. It gets its durability from the earth; this material was formed from minerals such as feldspar, quartz and mica under extremes of heat and pressure. Your pot of spaghetti sauce is not going to phase it.


You won’t have to yell at the kids to use a cutting board with granite countertops, either. It takes specialized tools to cut this material, so the days of kitchen counters marred by stripes of score marks are over. Don’t throw away those cutting boards, though. Cutting directly on granite will dull your knives.

Easy to Clean

Granite countertops are also sealed to prevent staining, and you don’t have to purchase any special products to keep them looking good. When cleaning, avoid abrasive cleaners and just wipe down the surface with mild soap and water. If you do get a stain, a paste of baking soda and water should take care of it. Follow this with a thin coat of vegetable oil buffed to a glossy shine.


Not only are they long-lasting but granite countertops are beautiful, too. Their color comes from the different minerals from which they were formed and these come in earth tones ranging from white or grey to brown and black and include metallic flecks or long strands of contrasting colors.

Considering their durability and ease of care, granite countertops are worth the investment. This is one material that will stand the test of time.