Chase Bank: Investment options that can never go wrong

It is a well-known fact that investments with higher risks offer high potential payoff, but at the same time have an equally high failure rate. It is therefore important for investors to consider their choices well before they decide on the right investment options for them.

Investments in commodities, penny stocks, small business stocks and emerging markets carry a high risk and high return potential too. Investing with a reputed name in the industry like Chase investment services is prudent choice. Use Chase login to utilize the various investment benefits offered at Chase Bank.

Why opt for Chase Investment services

Irrespective of whether you want to assess the investment strategy you have in place or want to make a new investment, you need to prioritize your objectives and form a precise approach that is customized to your particular situation.  With a Chase account, you will find a potent combination of investment and banking expertise ensuring the money you invest is reaping the returns you envision.

Chase Private Client

Chase Private Client (CPC) program is designed to meet customer needs appropriately. You will have access to a group of expert professionals who recommend premium banking services that you are eligible for via the Private Client feature. The program also offers access to investment capabilities and expertise of J.P. Morgan.

The program provides personalized attention to clients and a dedicated expert team is ready to understand your personal and financial goals, so you can meet them successfully.

The banker and JPMorgan Advisor for Private Client program provide you with the best options in investment for you.

Benefits with CPC

Chase Private Client is a feature offered for the best Chase customers. A CPC member can enjoy benefits such as

Access to private banker for assistance in

Planning your estate

Choosing your investments

Deciding on a plan to realize long term goals in investments

Services provided include:

  • Personalized service which enables you to interact directly with the financial advisor assigned to you
  • The 24/7 service communication line helps to accomplish functions such as wire transfer, receive new checks etc.
  • Use of the bank’s ATMs without any fee
  • All wire transfers are free
  • A single consistent contact advisor for any requirement you have
  • Adviser recommendations on the right investment choices
  • Easy and quick access to investment and investment advice from JP Morgan

Eligibility for the program

To become eligible for the Chase Private Client program, you need to have a daily balance amounting to $250,000 or higher. This can be in the form of investments and qualifying deposits. Account holders with savings, retirement or investment accounts combination or checking account with a deposit of $250,000 are eligible.

If you are aiming at making your investments work for you, it is best to get the assistance of the Private client banker. You will receive the appropriate guidance for the right investment option or retirement plan and how it will help your financial state. With an expert team of lender, banker, financial adviser and research resources from JP Morgan, you can be assured that your investments are safe and provide you with sound returns.