Appliance Repair versus Parts Replacement

Appliance RepairMany users of electrical appliances come across this predicament at some point during the use of domestic equipment. When is the right time for appliance repair and when is it right to replace parts? Here, you get all the answers and discover when it is time to buy a brand new appliance.

Advantage of repairing over replacing parts
Buying new parts for an appliance can be costly. This is especially true if you bought the appliance recently. Having a repair expert check the damage is a cheaper option. After all, the problem could simply be clogged air vents or components.

Otherwise, take advantage of the warranty during appliance repair. In most cases, this covers the replacement of the parts and the labor costs involved. Generally, warranties last a year after the purchase, but some manufacturers extend this to two years.

Disadvantage of repair over replacing parts
When you do appliance repair repeatedly for a long time, your expenses accumulate to a high figure. This figure is sometimes equivalent to the cost of replacing the ailing component. Instead, call an expert who will simply remove the problematic component and have a new one installed.

Advantage of replacing parts over repairing
When you replace a worn out or dysfunctional part, you save yourself operational costs such as power bills. In fact, professionals recommend upgrading to a new model. This is because it performs better, consumes energy better, and is environmentally friendly.

Disadvantage of replacing parts over repairing
The fact that appliance repair is cheaper than its replacement cannot be overemphasized. However, before you conclude that you want to repair, do your own troubleshooting to ensure that the component is actually damaged.

For example, ensure the appliance is properly plugged into a power source. If circuit breakers have tripped, replacing them is easy and fast. You end up saving monetary costs by doing the small repairs yourself.