Adding Color to Your Kitchen

When it’s time to makeover your home, the kitchen is a great place to start. Kitchens are often referred to as the heart of the home, and renovations here can help your home maintain its value. A stylish kitchen can make a whole house feel new, especially when color is a major design component in the room. Here are three creative ways to add rich color to your kitchen for a room that’s just as gorgeous as it is functional.

Choose Colorful Cabinets

Start with appliances and schedule an oven installation washington dc to make sure your kitchen is ready for cooking. But make sure you give your cabinets some love to really makeover the space. Choose a bold or dark color for an unexpected and custom look that brings everything together. If new cabinets aren’t in the budget, paint is all you need!

Pick a Bold Backsplash

Neutrals are a safe and popular choice when it comes to kitchen tiling. But it could be a missed opportunity for a rich pop of color and a stunning design element. Choose bright patterns or even mosaics when picking out your backsplash tiles to add a different hue to your kitchen.

Put Dishes, Cookware and Serving Pieces Out on Display

There’s something inviting and comforting about a kitchen full of items just begging to be used. Install plenty of wall shelving and opt for clear glass cabinet doors, then show off the many shades of your copper pots and pans and brightly patterned dinner plates. These items can add life to the space and are the ultimate in functional decor. 

Color can give a room a whole new look and makes design feel more intentional. When you’re ready for a kitchen makeover, plan to add pops of color in your design for a look that wows for years to come.