3 Unexpected Places to Add Chandeliers

When it comes to lighting, nothing inspires awe and conveys elegance quite like a chandelier. The Hall of Mirrors in Versailles, the ballroom at the Musee d’Orsay in Paris; beauty and old-world elegance combine to make you feel special just by being under their sparkling prisms. But did you know that chandeliers come in all types of styles and sizes? You don’t need a palace, a mansion or even a large home to express yourself with these magical lights. Make a statement that is uniquely yours. Explore chandeliers st petersburg to create your own special mood throughout your home.


You have picked every last color, fabric, toy and furnishing for your little angel’s room. As you turn on the light to make sure every last detail is perfect, you realize that you’ve missed one of the most important elements. That shining beacon of light could wake the heaviest of sleepers. It’s time to rethink the lighting you need in able to check on your sleeping baby. Consider adding a mini chandelier with a dimmer for that perfect soft glow. You get the calm, twilight ambiance you want when you are putting your baby to sleep with the convenience of brighter light when necessary.


Finally, you have the closet space you’ve dreamed of with room to try on your outfits. Don’t let poor lighting affect your self-image. Add a crystal ceiling fixture for that elegant touch. You’ll look forward to dressing for work or play in a room lit by a work of art.

Outdoor Spaces

Did you know that beautiful hanging light fixtures aren’t just for the inside of your home? Let form and function combine to make your outdoor oasis a magical place. Choose exterior chandeliers to add that unexpected fairytale touch. The only downside may be getting your guests to leave once they’ve seen it!

Whether your home is classic, modern or eclectic, you can find the perfect chandelier to complement any room or space.