3 Landscaping Supplies

Whether landscaping is your hobby or your profession, the supplies you use to craft your creations are important. You are probably mindful of their price and quality, so where you purchase them matters. Businesses, like landscape supplies washington county or, aim to provide clients with the best products so that they return again and again.

Here are three landscaping supplies to consider.

For those who are new to landscaping or are trying it for the first time, it may seem like plants and other greenery simply need sunlight and water to grow. Mulch, however, is actually a recommended secret ingredient. It is made from bark and chips. Together, they help keep most weeds away, prevent soil erosion and discourage the accumulation of pests. Mulch soaks up water and helps the soil retain many of its nutrients. It can be made from fir bark, hemlock and cedar chips. If you have a specific mix you prefer, be sure to ask your salesperson.

Gravel is a popular landscaping supply because it is often used create paths and line the edges of driveways, terraces and gardens. Gravel has become a popular decorative alternative that replaces patches of grass in regions where rain tends to be scarce. In most cases, gravel is made from crushed rock, river rock and sand. When you opt for rock gravel, you can pick from a variety of sizes. Sand can come from pumice, garden or mason sand. Some suppliers also carry an array of colors and designs.

Soil Additives
Not all landscape projects are the same. When are you trying to achieve radiant plants and other greenery, you may consider using soil additives and compost materials. Sandy loam, garden blend and container mix are some soil additions that help your plants reach optimal pH and moisture results. Compost, like mushroom, dairy and garden, helps build a solid foundation for your plants.

Landscaping is one way to add a pleasant aesthetic to a residential or commercial property. Landscaping supplies, including mulch, gravel and soil additives, can be procured at landscape supplies washington county or.