3 DIY AC Repairs

In the heat of the Conroe summer, you want your AC to be working at it’s best. When it doesn’t, it’s easy to panic. Fortunately, not all issues require a professional. Here are three AC fixes that you can do on your own.

Adjust the Thermostat

Your thermostat is the control for your AC. Sometimes, settings can get changed and you don’t know about it. If your fan is blowing even when the AC is off, the thermostat may be set to ON instead of AUTO. The temperature on the thermostat may have accidentally been changed. The batteries may have died. Before you panic, check your thermostat. If there’s nothing wrong with that, then it may be time to call for ac repair conroe.

Change the Filter

AC filters need to be changed regularly in order to ensure the proper functioning of your unit. If the filter is dirty, the AC has to work harder to draw in air. This can actually cause the AC to wear out faster or break down. You may notice your unit isn’t cooling properly or that the coils are freezing. Changing the filter is quick and easy, and ensures the longevity of your unit.

Clean the Unit

The outdoor unit can collect leaves, tree branches, dirt, and other debris. If it’s near any bushes, the limbs can get inside. All of this debris can impact the effectiveness of your AC. It can also damage the fan blade, which can then lead to the need for professional repairs. By keeping the unit clean, you ensure that it is able to keep your home cool properly while also preventing significant damage.

Some AC repairs are quick, simple and don’t require a professional AC technician. However, if there’s a bigger issue at hand or you aren’t sure of what you’re doing, it’s always best to call for help.