2 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Appliances

Moving into a new place can be a wonderful, yet stressful experience. After all, there are many things you need to manage to make your move an uneventful one. After the move, there are countless tasks you’ll need to take care of so you can become better acquainted with your new living space and neighborhood. Regardless if your new place of residence is a rental or purchase, don’t overlook your appliances. Appliance malfunctions and breakdowns are two of the least anticipated issues people encounter right after a move.

To avoid the additional stress and duress that not having a functioning dishwasher or washing machine can bring, know who to call for appliance repair Manhattan. In the meantime, here are a few things you can do to reduce the likelihood of you needing to schedule a service call from an appliance repair team.

Inspect Cords, Hoses and Connections

Visually inspect all cords, hoses and connections to your washer, dryer, dishwasher and other major appliances for integrity. It’s a good idea to swap out any hoses that are over five years old. Some older hoses may appear to be in good condition and suitable for use. However, there is a greater likelihood of leaks that can result in some expensive water damage and repairs. Do yourself a favor and play it safe by replacing all worn hoses and connections.

Clean Appliances

Dirty appliances are harder to maintain and are likely to encounter problems. Wipe down your appliances after each use and give them a good cleaning every other week or so. Don’t forget to clean the condenser coils on your refrigerator and replace the filters on your furnace, air conditioning system and dishwasher.

The way you treat your appliances has a lot to do with how well and long they run. The right amount of TLC will keep your repair expenses low and prevent the need for unexpected replacements.